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Consider These 5 Things Before Choosing a Notary

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Having Trouble Choosing the Perfect Notary for Your Needs?

Having Trouble Choosing the Perfect Notary for Your Needs?

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The demand for notaries in the US has been increasing for the past few years and the trend seems not to be letting up anytime soon. This presents one major challenge when it comes to choosing the most appropriate notary for your needs. Gone are the days when a mere certification qualified a candidate as the best notary. Requirements and laws have changed and there are now more aspects of notary services to take into consideration.

Where Are They Located?

Location is the first major consideration when choosing a notary. You would need to find out where the public notary is located before hiring them. As a general rule, you would want to hire a notary that is located within close proximity to you because this reduces the time often wasted having to travel to their location, especially where you have to make follow-up meetings. Even better, it saves you a lot of money, both in terms of gas mileage and other expenses associated with these trips. Coast 2 Coast Signings makes this process even easier by not only having our notaries come to you, we also provide notary services around the globe. No need to search for a notary when you have Coast 2 Coast Signings on your side.

Are They Members of an Association?

Association membership is also a key consideration when choosing a public notary. Associations, as we all know are professional bodies and as such, they require their members to meet certain professional and ethical criteria. The same applies with notaries. Before choosing a notary, ensure they belong to a professional association and then take your time to go through the core principles of this body, especially with regard to provisions on training, working hours, the minimum level of education required and general ethical practice.

How Specialized Are They?

Notarial services need to be rendered by professionally-trained individuals. Therefore, before choosing a notary, ensure they are duly qualified both academically and in terms of work experience. You could do this by asking for their business cards and checking their service descriptions on their websites. In addition to qualifications, you could also choose notaries that are specialized in their line of work. For instance, if you require notarial services bordering on estate administration, it would serve you better to choose someone with some experience in real estate and law.

How Much Do They Charge?

It is important to check out the fees charged by a public notary before agreeing to hire them. It is also important to note that every state has a cap on how much a notary should charge. This kind of information can be obtained from the Secretary of State’s Website. However, you should also be aware that the more flexible the notary, the more you may possibly pay for their services. This is because the state allows such notaries to charge convenience fees depending on the logistics involved in the administration of their work.

Are They Easily Accessible?

Last but not least, you should choose a notary who is accessible in terms of communication. When there are potential communication barriers, then you can be assured every step will be a hurdle for you. For this reason, it is important that when choosing a notary, go with someone who appreciates the importance of timely communication – one who would go out of their way to make themselves available to meet your needs and concerns. Even when they cannot meet with you in person, they should have a reliable phone number through which you can easily reach them.

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