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Your Biggest Questions About Mobile Notaries Answered

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There is approximately one notary for every 73 people in the United States. But what do you do when you can’t find a notary, or if there are no notaries available? 

Well, have you heard about mobile notaries? Let’s answer your questions about mobile notaries so you can get everything you need to be done, done.

What Are Mobile Notaries?

mobile notary - c2c signings Inc.

Unlike a traditional notary, mobile notaries can come to your home or place of business for your notary needs. Mobile notaries can provide all the same services as traditional notary publics. Otherwise, mobile notaries have all the responsibilities and duties of any other notary public!

Notaries are required to verify your signature for essential documents. These can include documents you might have initiated, like wills or powers of attorney. That’s why it’s critical to consider your notary options when filling out necessary paperwork. 

Why Use a Mobile Notary?

There are many reasons that mobile notaries can be helpful. For one, if you have a disability or a mobility issue, mobile notaries may be more accessible to you and make it easier for you to get things done. Notaries can improve efficiency for people and businesses with a lot going on, who may need to prioritize and need a notary who can work on their schedule. 

mobile notary - c2c signings Inc.

If you need a notary at the spur of the moment or outside of business hours, a mobile notary can be there for you. Suppose you have many different people who need to sign one document or a group of documents. In that case, it may be a lot easier to bring the notary to the group rather than transporting the group of people to the notary.

This can be especially useful for real estate agents, independent contractors, or companies and businesses that work with many independent contractors.

A mobile notary can also come for specific meetings or special occasions if you want the paperwork to be done on the spot once you get the details of a deal worked out!

Preparing For Your Mobile Notary Appointment

Despite the convenience, you’ll still need to be prepared for a mobile notary, just like you would for a stationary notary. Make sure you have all the forms you’ll need, and fill out most of what needs to be filled out before your mobile notary arrives. You should also know where all the identification you need is and have it on hand. mobile notary - c2c signings Inc.

Plus, you should be able to inform your mobile notary what exactly you need from them. If your paperwork involves many different signatures, make sure you make the notary aware that the services you need may take a decent chunk of time.

Looking for Mobile Notaries? Get Started Today

Mobile notaries can be both convenient and helpful for your needs. So, the next time you need a notary, make sure that you consider hiring a mobile notary.

Need a mobile notary ASAP? Contact us today for all your notary needs.