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July 21, 2017
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Does Your Document Require a Witness, Notarization, or Both?

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Is Your Document Complete and Ready for Notarization?

Is Your Document Complete and Ready for Notarization?

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For everyone,  it is tricky to know if a document needs a notarization or a witness or needs both or neither of them to be officiated. This gets challenging because for a document to be signed the notary, signer and the witness all need to be present at the same time. It’s important to be very clear what the document requires.

Who is eligible to be a witness for a document

Anyone who is a legal adult and has no financial interest or connection with the document in question (that is being signed during the notarization) can be a witness. Neighbors, friends, and co-workers are usually asked to act as a witness for such purposes.

In the states of Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, South Carolina or Louisiana, a Will or a real estate document that states a transfer of real estate or property ownership or an Advanced Health Care Directive about a Living Trust all require a witness to be present during the signing. Other documents that will also require a witness to be present regardless of the state one may be residing in, are Warranty Deeds, mortgage documents, Deeds of Trust, Grant Deeds and Quit Claim Deeds.

State wide specific requirement of witness for notarization

In South Carolina, two witnesses are required by law for notarization, out of which one can be the notary themselves. In Louisiana as well, two witnesses are required but neither of them can be the notary. If you are in Florida, again two witnesses are required for the procedure to be official but one of the witnesses can be the notary. In the state of Connecticut the same holds true, two witnesses are required and one of them can be the notary. But in the state of Georgia, only one witness is required for notarization and that cannot be the notary.

There are a few foreign documents that need witnesses along with the notarization. Many times the signers are not aware or do not understand the idea that notarization and witnessing must happen at the same time. In the case of a document needing an Acknowledgement notarization, and the signer has signed before appearing in front of the notary, the notarization may still happen if the signer acknowledges that he or she signed the document in question. But if the document needs a Jurat type of notarization, then the signer will be required to sign the document again when they are in front of the notary, after the notary administers the oath. Aas a general rule it is better for the signer to wait and only sign the document when the notary is present.

It can be very tricky and in some cases complicated to coordinate between the notary, witness, and the signers. That is why sometimes people use the services of a mobile notary who is able to travel to the place where the signer is located. This simplifies matters and makes the notarization a far simple and convenient process.

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