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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Notary Services

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Mobile notary services represent a new trend that is sweeping the United States. According to Notarize.com, a mobile notary is a delegate of the state who travels to his or her clients’ location. While a regular notary has an office and requires customers to pay him or her a visit, a mobile notary can travel to meet those who require their services.

What Does a Mobile Notary Do?

Mobile notaries are commissioned by the state in which they are employed and fulfill the same job responsibilities as a typical notary. They can authenticate signatures, witness contract signings, accept affidavits, and verify public signatures.

For a fee, a mobile notary will travel to the location of the client and provide notarial services. In areas where few notaries reside, this feature is especially useful and many notaries will spend several days in one location in order to best assist multiple clients. 

As one might imagine, the convenient services of a mobile notary offer a full spectrum of benefits to the client, as explored below. 

Benefits of Working with a Mobile Notary

  1. Save Time

Busy people, such as business owners, often struggle to find enough time for their daily tasks. Many people have found themselves in the unfortunate position of having to prioritize business related tasks over time with their families. It would further detract from such people’s daily lives to ask them to travel to a distant city or state for the mere purpose of meeting with a notary. 

For such people, a mobile notary comes as a true blessing. Mobile notary services now enable them to spend precious time with their families instead of running errands. This blessing can be further extended when people are hospitalized or in other extenuating circumstances that limit their travel. In such instances, mobile notaries save the day by ensuring all paperwork is valid, regardless of client location. 

  1. Save Money

Even if you have a notary in your town, you can save a lot of time by asking that your notary come to you. In crowded cities, where unexpected time in traffic could lead to a loss of business opportunity, a notary that is mobile is just the thing to ensure that you are able to maximize resources in the manner most beneficial to you.

  1. Increase Flexibility

Another huge benefit of working with mobile notaries is that many do not work according to traditional business hours. For example, if you hire a mobile notary whose plane has just landed at six o’clock in the morning, you can easily meet him in an airport lounge at six thirty, get your papers signed, and move forward with your day. The notary can then go to the next location and so on, ensuring that the document is signed by all parties involved in the transaction.

  1. Gain Access

While notaries are quite common in big cities, small towns are often lacking in such services. The lack of qualified notaries in rural towns can make it very hard for clients wishing to notarize important papers. Mobile notaries can easily travel to these areas, enabling people to notarize their documents in the most time efficient manner.

Most of the time, in such cases, it is less expensive to pay the plane ticket for just one mobile notary than it is to purchase two or more tickets in order to go to the physical location of a stationary notary in a larger city. By definition, a mobile notary can travel to the location of all parties and ensure a swift and convenient transaction. 

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that a mobile notary is extremely beneficial for many people with a diverse range of business needs. When you are ready to hear more about how a traveling notary can help you save time and money, please contact Coast 2 Coast