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How to Land Your First Job as a Notary

Find First Notary agent job

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In 2019 there is a considerable need for notary signing agents, all across the United States. Even if agent companies are very clear that they prefer agents that have experience, you can still land your first job as a notary if you follow certain steps.

Below, we’ll show you the things you need to know and do in order to get noticed and get your first signing. However, before getting into that, let’s discover the benefits of working as a notary.

Benefits of Getting a Notary Job

If you want to boost your earnings, you want to work on your own schedule and achieve huge personal and professional growth, then you should consider becoming a notary signing agent. At the moment, there is a shortage of notary signing agents on the market.

Whether we’re talking about home sales, financial transactions, refinancing or any other transaction that requires a notary, a signing agent is a must. Even if it might take some time to build up your reputation and create your own network of loyal customers, you’ll definitely manage to succeed in the end.

As a notary signing agent, you can enjoy the huge benefit of being your own boss. You can set your own schedule and interact with customers whenever you have time. Of course, in the beginning, you might need to be available for more than just 8 hours a day, but once the money starts coming in and your fame increases, you’ll be able to ask twice or even three times more for a half-hour meeting.

As a direct benefit of earning more money in less time, you’ll be able to enjoy more time with your dear ones. You’ll be able to take week-long vacations during summer and Christmas and still enjoy good commissions.

Ultimately, getting a notary job allows you to enjoy exceptional growth. With each transaction you complete, you’ll be able to grow in your career and develop soft skills that allow you to interact at a higher level with your customers. You can learn more about the importance of soft skills for notaries here.

Practical Tips to Land Your First Job as a Notary

First and foremost, in order to succeed, you need to start with the basics, which is to build a strong resume. You need to prove that you have all the necessary skills to be successful. Some of the skills you need are being sensitive to people’s needs, flexibility, excellent customer service skills, and empathy. You should also describe your previous jobs and show how they’ve helped you become the person you are today.

Next, try to find a mentor. At this point, we recommend using LinkedIn, as it is a network that allows you to easily connect with other people in your field. There are certain tricks and strategies you need to learn if you want to become highly successful in this niche. A good mentor can teach you how to properly advertise yourself and might even give you some recommendations of local notaries.

To get your name out there, you need to network your name. Update all of your social media profiles and also create your own site if possible. Check out notary blogs and directories and try to interact as much as possible with the people you meet.

Another thing you can do to land your first job is to get your name out there. Contact local banks, hospitals, schools, home health agencies and assisted living facilities. Try to market yourself as an experienced person, even if you have never had a job as a notary. If you have worked in a company where you had to deal to people, you have soft skills, which you can use in your new position as a notary.

Last but not least, stay up to date with all the training opportunities available in this niche. Train on a regular basis and become certified in order to have an edge over the competition. Your new employer will see that, despite the fact that you lack experience, you are highly motivated to succeed.

To learn more about how amazing the career of notary signing agent is and to learn about becoming a notary signing agent for Coast 2 Coast Signings, contact us now.