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Keep These Points in Mind Before Executing Your First Notarization


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After completing the rigorous training and passing the certification tests to become a notary, it’s time to begin the journey to your first notarization.

Most new notaries are a bag of nerves during their first notarization. Regardless, it is important that they make sure they perform the notarization correctly as per the law and are ready for any issues that may arise.

The NNA team gets numerous calls from frantic first-time notaries with multiple problems that they may be facing. Here are some things to be kept in mind as these are the most common issues that arise during first time notarizations.

  • Remember to take your journal and seal
    The seal and journal are vital to a notary’s proceedings and before stepping out for the first notarization one must make sure to take these along. If the seal to be used is an ink seal, the notary must carry enough ink to make a clear and clean seal mark. It may be a good idea to get into the habit of carrying an extra ink-pad along just in case.
     Carry blank copies of the correct notarial certificate as well.In cases where the document is missing the pre-printed certificate text or the certificate is from some other state, the notary may run into an issue. This is why a notary must always make sure to carry blank copies of the correct notarial certificate so in cases such as these it can be attached to the original document and then the notarization be completed. This can save time and avoid the chance of having to re-schedule or a postpone a notarization.


  • Always carrying extra pens
    Though it may sound odd to be reminded of this, strangely many notaries have issues with pens and inks during their first notarizations. For a notarization, a pen is vital and if the pen runs out of ink the signing cannot happen. A notary must carry extra pens and carry ones that make clear and clean lines.


  • Carry a stapler
    Many times the documents being notarized need to be attached to one another. A notary must always make sure to carry a portable stapler with extra staples just to be on the safe side. These small, simple things make the signing run smoothly and professionally.


  • Remembering to get the Notary reference material and book
    A notary must always have the state Notary handbook or the (NNA) Primer of the Notary Law handy. This will help in them having a smooth first notarization should they need them for reference. This will also allow the notary to have the official procedure and state laws at an arms distance to use if needed. 


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