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Most businesses require a signing agent to notarize different types of documents. For this reason, many times employees in are asked to become a signing agent. Though this adds to the employee’s duties, the employee who takes up the role finds that it is beneficial to both him or her as well as the employer. In fact, most of the notaries public have other careers to help boost their income.

Choosing the Best Employee to Become a Notary Public

Any employee can become a notary public. Most businesses need a notary public for only an hour weekly and it is more convenient to have the documents notarized in the office rather than sending them to an outside location.

When selecting the right employee to become a notary the employer should choose one who is reliable and has been working for the company for at least a year. Also, he or she should not have any financial interest in the company.

Benefits of an Employee Notary

The benefits of an employee notary to the employer are many. One, the business will have a resident notary who can notarize documents at any time and offer other services to clientele who come to the company for other non-notarial services. Being able to offer notarial services and other regular company services helps to attract more customers.

To some businesses such as banks or insurance companies where documents are notarized regularly, having an employee notary facilitates the running of the business .

The employee also benefits. He or she learns additional skills that make her more valuable to the company. This improves job security. The employer pays for the notarial training, notary commissioning application fee and purchase all the supply the employee notary will need to notarize documents.

An employee notary can also perform notarial services outside the office as well as perform these duties as a public service in the community. In case he or she resigns from the company, she can still use the acquired notarial skills to seek  another job or start a career as a professional notary public.

Issues Employee Notaries Public May Face

As an employee notary, the responsibility falls on you in case something goes wrong.

As an employee notary, you are required to follow all the set rules even if they inconvenience the company. Since employee notaries notarize documents in the same environment in which they work, familiarity can sometimes tempt them to bend the rules with employees. Some of the common issues that can lead to problems include not asking for proof of identification, not requiring the signer to appear or letting another person perform notary work.

Rules and Regulations

It is important to check the state’s notary laws as there may be some rules and regulations you are required to follow as the employer. There may also be rules for employee notaries such as how to perform notary services and the hours to operate. Generally, having a staff notary is beneficial to both the employee and employer but it is important to fully understand the roles and responsibility of each.

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