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Preparing for a Notarization

preparing for a notarization

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You have a document that needs notarization. Now what? Preparing for a notarization can help ensure the process goes smoothly. If you aren’t prepared, the Notary may be required by law to decline the notarization. Following these steps will make the notarization process simple and easy.

Don’t expect legal advice from a Notary Public.

A Notary Public can only advise you on legal issues if he or she is a qualified attorney. Therefore, the Notary is not allowed to select for you the kind of notarization you require. Additionally, he or she cannot fill in the document, except for the wording on the notarial certificate. Finally, a Notary cannot advise you on the legal implications of a document.

Ensure you know the type of notarization you seek.

There are three forms of notarization. Since the Notary Public isn’t allowed to provide you with legal advice under the law, you must state the type of notarization you want. Therefore, you must know in advance the type of notarization you require: copy certification, acknowledgment, or jurat. 

Ensure you have complete documents.

Notaries cannot complete documents for you. If you have an incomplete document and/or one with blank spaces, the Notary cannot legally notarize it.

Make arrangements for all the signing parties to be present for the appointment.

Notarizations cannot be performed until all the persons who need to append their signatures on the document are physically present. If a person isn’t present, the Notary Public will decline to notarize his or her signature. Online notarizations, or notarizations via live video chat, are allowed in only a handful of states.

Know what you are signing and why.

A Notary Public is tasked with ensuring that all the parties involved are signing the document voluntarily and that they are in a right mental state. Before you seek a notarization, understand the document’s contents and ensure you are actually willing to sign.

Carry valid identification.

Before your documents are notarized, the Notary Public must first confirm your identity. In order for the Notary to legally perform the notarization, your name on your ID must match the name on the document. The Notary will check that your identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, matches your name on the document. Identification requirements vary by state.

If you do not have a valid ID, you may be able to use a credible identifying witness. This is a witness who swears before the Notary that you are who you claim to be. If you are using a credible identifying witness to confirm your identification, check the laws of your state ahead of time and have the witness present at the notarization.

Getting a document notarized is simple and easy when you are prepared.

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