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Selecting The Best Signing Agent Training Program

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A notary is a person who has undergone legal training and is authorized by the government to perform certain legal duties, especially witnessing the signing of signatures on legal documents. A notary signing agent is a specialized type of a notary who is trained and has the expertise to notarize loan documents.

For a lender, the signing agent acts as the final link before the completion of the loan process. The agent is hired and operates independently to ascertain that all the documents pertaining to the mortgage or real estate loan are properly executed by a borrower. After they are notarized, the agent must promptly take them to the lender for processing. Only after the completion of this crucial stage of the loan process can the loan be disbursed.

To be successful as a notary signing agent, you must acquire the right training. Continuous education is critical as it enables you to sharpen your skills in order to keep up with new ideas and trends in the continuously evolving world of mortgage finance. Therefore, if you wish to become a signing agent, you need to ensure that the training you undergo is the best there is. Your training program must have the following important aspects:

Include the latest developments in the industry

The industry is in a state of constant change. Consequently, when selecting your training course, you need to ensure that it covers the latest significant developments in the industry. An example of this is the new Closing Disclosure documentation introduced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was expected to start being implemented in October 2015. It combines the Final Truth In Lending Statement with the HUD-1 Settlement Statement which simply means borrowers will sign a single form instead of two as has been the case for many types of residential mortgages.

Cover the duties of a signing agent and notary essentials in a detailed manner

As a signing agent, your duties go beyond just notarizing documents. It is also your duty to bring the loan documents to the borrower, ascertain that all the requisite signatures are properly signed and notarized and then deliver the completed loan documentation in a timely manner. The parties to the transaction heavily rely on the agent to handle the notarization process in a professional way. A proper training course for signing agents should include topics such as:

  • The various types of documents that relate to a loan signing process and the best way of handling them.
  • Examples of how to answer questions and the right place to refer the signers in case the agent is unable to answer any question.
  • The attributes that lenders, signing services and title companies look for in a signing agent.
  • Why your professional conduct as an agent is important to everybody involved in the lending process.
  • The fundamentals and best practices of notary work.

Be in demand and relevant to the industry

You need to find out if the training course is in high demand among various companies. Try to inquire from companies that are likely to require your services about the kind of signing agent training that they deem to be satisfactory for their needs.


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