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August 4, 2017
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Steps You Can Take to Better Your Notary Public Grade

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The reviews and ratings you get as a notary public can have a serious effect on the volume of work you get. That’s why doing everything you can to keep a great record will be an advantage to your career. Although you must be concerned about what your previous clients say about you and the reviews posted online, you should equally be bothered about the rating you get from any title and signing firms.

When you serve as a notary public in the lucrative mortgage industry, you will be awarded a grade for notary signing. The first of these grades come from Consumer Financial Protection which grades lenders. The lenders then grade the title companies and the title companies grade the signing companies. This chain ends with the Notary Signing Agents (NSA) that receive a grade from both title and signing companies.

So what can you do to get a good grade? It will be much easier to receive a higher rating if you follow the advice provided below.

Arrive Early

This is a no-brainer, but with the hectic schedules we keep in this society, it is not very easy to keep up with time on all appointments. This means that arriving early for your appointments instead of getting there some minutes after schedule can improve your grade.

Dress Appropriately

Follow basic work ethics when you dress up for a notary public assignment. For instance, you should avoid showing up in casual attire like blue jeans and sneakers. Although you may like to wear simple clothes, it could form an unprofessional image in the minds of your clients. Wear proper business attire so you look like a top rated notary and earn a better rating.

Avoid Short Cuts

Do your job properly. Don’t cut corners in any way with a notarization job. If you need to collect two different types of identity cards form someone, please do so. Similarly, when someone needs up to three copies of a fax, ensure that you send them all the three. Don’t skimp over an instruction because you fell it is not a legal necessity. By following all the laid down directions you can maintain a high grade.

Deal With Any Mistakes Promptly

No matter how meticulous you are, you will make some mistakes from time to time. While you should always adopt a procedure that forces you to double check your work, it is essential to correct all errors as soon as they occur. Mistakes will be easily overlooked if you are committed to correcting them as soon as they are spotted. Always bear in mind that most notaries will get downgraded for repeated mistakes and for taking a considerably long time to correct them.

Always Give a Speedy Response to Communication

If you receive a message on your phone, always respond and let the sender know whether you will be available or not. Replying messages promptly is one of the best ways to build and keep a solid reputation as a top rated notary public.

As a notary, you need to focus on your rating and constantly improve it. Always remember that more work will be given to notaries who are top performers. So rather than ask your client for more signings, always ask for how you may do a better quality job for them.

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