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Stranger Danger for Notaries


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Chances are you already know it is only smart to be wary of strangers because they can pose varying degrees of danger. For a mobile notary public, this risk is amplified. When you consider the fact that you have to carry out your job in unfamiliar areas that may be remote, dealing with strangers every day it is best to be cautious.

Some of the common problems that a mobile notary may run into on the job include:

Signers getting agitated regarding a variety of issues

As a mobile notary public, you have to deal with varying personalities, some more cooperative than others. Brace yourself for incidences where people get upset, or even violent. This usually stems from them taking issue with the documentation. The best option for a traveling notary in such a situation is to stay calm so as not to agitate the individual further, and then subtly excuse yourself.

Traveling to remote addresses

More often than not, you will find that your job as a mobile notary public sends you to remote addresses. This is one of the top traveling notary risks, since you may be subjecting yourself to problems such as poor mobile service, meaning if something goes wrong, you will have trouble finding help.

Working in risky neighborhoods

Working in seemingly unsafe neighborhoods will automatically send alarm bells ringing in your mind. Such areas are usually characterized by loiterers and abandoned alleyways, all of which you should avoid at all costs.

Car problems

Your car may run out of gas during a long trip, so it is wise to always put in fenough fuel to get you to your assignment and for the return journey. Additionally, be wary of events such as your car battery potentially dying or your vehicle breaking down during your trip which may leave you stuck in an unfamiliar area.

As a result, a mobile notary public should be extra cautious when it comes to these traveling notary risks by taking some of these steps to stay safe:

1. Make an effort to meet with signers in public

By meeting with signers in a neutral public place, you significantly reduce the chances of risky situations such as violent outbursts from occurring. There are many places where you can hold a meeting, such as coffee shops, libraries, or a café. Even if they still choose to react in a volatile manner, having an audience means that someone can potentially step in to mediate the situation.

2. Let someone know about where you are headed

As a traveling notary, it is important to let someone you trust know where you are headed, and how long it will take you. Go a step further and call or text them the address.  And for added assurance, you can agree on a certain time when the trusted individual can check in with you.

3. Carry a fully charged phone

Having your phone die in a stranger danger situation is another traveling notary risk that leaves you very vulnerable. Ensure that your phone is fully charged before you take off, or invest in a car charger. A phone is a handy way to raise the alarm if things go awry.

4. Avoid revealing any private information

It is never wise to give the individuals you are notarizing information about your personal life. Refrain from giving details regarding your friends, family, or social media. Do not give information concerning when or where you will be traveling after the signing as well.

5. Travel with emergency supplies

Consider bringing emergency supplies such as jumper cables, tire repair kits, a first aid kit, non-perishable snacks, water, and a flashlight just in case you experience any issues along the way.

6. Ensure your vehicle is well serviced

Before you travel, ensure that your car is serviced regularly and in good condition. It is also advisable to travel with a full tank of gas so as to facilitate the return journey. Another good idea is to keep the contact information of roadside assistance services such as Nationwide, AAA ,or Allstate handy.

7. Prioritize your safety

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a signing, trust your instincts and find a way of extracting yourself from the situation immediately and call someone you trust, or simply leave. After all, your safety is more important than a notarization.

Final Thoughts

The concept of stranger danger is very real especially when you work as a mobile notary. It is therefore smart and practical to take all the necessary precautionary steps to stay safe on the job.

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