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This Brooklyn Man Used Deceased Notary’s Identity to Forge Notarizations


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In Brooklyn, a landlord is charged with impersonating a notary public who is dead by forging his signature. He used the official stamp and signature of the dead man on documents required by the court in a horrid bid designed to force out his tenants as declared by the Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s office, Brooklyn district.

According to the district office, Abdus Shahid, a 64-year-old man, is being charged with almost 30 counts of fraud. On top of these charges, between the 16th of March 2015 and the 8th of September 2016, Abdus Shahid also used the signature and official stamp for the notary public Yitzchok Ring who passed away in October of 2014 as stated in court documents. The office claimed he had forged the documents because Ring died on the 6th of October, 2014 hence he was not at a point of authorizing them himself. This fraud was committed so that Shahid could file civil suits for eviction against his tenants claiming that they had caused damages to his possessions.

The papers that Mr. Shahid had forged with notary’s credentials were correlated to a lawsuit between his tenants. Shahid Abdus owns 455 Tompkins Avenue, that is located in Bedford-Stuyvesant which he bought in 1997 November.

The office of the district attorney further stated that Mr. Shahid tried to evict five of his tenants by suing them for the damages caused. On the other hand, this was contrary to what the tenants said, that is, as far as they were concerned, Shahid sued them so as to retaliate, because they had filed grievances. These complaints were reported in an article written in 2004 in The Village Voice where Mr. Shahid changed all locks on his building and tried bumping up rent paid by Section 8 tenants.

Attorney Gonzalez in his remarks affirmed that the defendant, Mr. Shahid, tried fooling the court by using the identity of someone else while performing his reprehensible occupational plans and procedures. He added that he had vowed to commit himself to protecting the civil rights of the people of Brooklyn as it keeps on increasing in popularity as a great place to live.

A lawyer who was working with the Legal Aid Society; the association that represented the tenants’ side of the court case, revealed the paperwork that possessed the notary stamp and Ring’s supposed signature. In a statement sent by E-mail on the 26th of February, Redmond J. Haskins who was the spokesman for the Legal Aid Society expressed the society’s standing by saying that they were glad to work with the office of the District Attorney of Brooklyn. They would ensure that unprincipled and crooked landlords like Shahid who break laws of rent-regulation and harass tenants are held accountable for their actions and pay for such behavior.

He was arraigned in court on the 23rd of February and was later released with no bail, as reported by the office of the district attorney. In addition, he is currently charged with 28 counts of counterfeit and 28 more of creating a seemingly deceptive sworn statement.

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