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What Does Attest Mean?

What does attest mean?

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If you are looking for information about attestation and you need to discover what does attest mean, you have come to the right place. We will dive deep into notary attestation and will help you learn the importance of an attest signature.

What does Attest Mean?

The process of attestation happens when a third-party, or a person who is not involved in a transaction, witnesses two parties that sign a document. After the third party has attested the process, they sign a document where they describe the process and confirm that the document has been signed under their supervision.

For high-value transactions, the person attesting the transaction also needs to verify the document and ensure that both parties are well aware of what they have signed. Note that an attestation can be performed by anyone, while a certified notary can only perform a notarization.

When is Attestation Necessary?

Authenticated documents are needed today in many situations. For example, they are required when moving abroad or when getting your kid ready to be admitted into school. When a foreign spouse that has married an American citizen begins the process to obtain a green card, that person needs an attestation from a third-party. More specifically, an American citizen needs to attest that the couple will get married in the US and that they have observed the couple together.

Most green card applicants need to ask friends, relatives, or neighbors to attest to their presence and to write details on their interactions. The witness’ signature is the attestation required for the foreign spouse to become valid for obtaining a green card.

The same goes true when you want to relocate to another country. You might be required to obtain an attestation from a person in that country who needs to declare that you have nothing to hide.

Types of Attestation

There are three main types of attestation:

1. State attestation: this is required in most cases, including relocation to another country, educational certificates, or migration.

2. MEA attestation: this is a new level of attestation that is required in certain cases after state attestation.

3. Embassy attestation: this is a unique form of attestation required for ambassadors and public persons.

There is another form of attestation known as an apostille. This kind of certification attests that your certificate is genuine.

What About Notary Attestation?

Certain documents will need to be notarized before being attested as genuine. The list includes criminal records, power of attorney documents, or certified true copies of commercial and personal documents.

Notaries can also perform attestation as third-parties. However, if you want that, you need to ensure that the state law allows you to do that. As a rule of thumb, you need a separate person to attest your document, which is not the same as the notary who notarizes your documents.

However, all attestations need to go through the notary. In order for an attest signature to be considered valid, it needs to undergo notary inspection. Only after the notary puts a seal on it and stamps it, does the affidavit become true and recognized by the state.

Notary attestation is required for attesting a wide range of personal documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, or divorce certificates. After the notary attests the documents, people will be able to get an MEA attestation and, ultimately, an embassy attestation. You can learn more about MEA attestation services on the Ministry of External Affairs website.

The Bottom Line

Whether you travel abroad, need to relocate to another country, want to marry someone from another country, or want to take your child to school, you might have to get through one or more levels of attestation.

While in some instances, you may only need the signature of a third-party who witnesses the transaction or the person; in other cases, attestation requires going to a notary. For education certificate attestation, you also need to hire a company that can help you with this type of service.

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