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The Advantages of Being a Mobile Notary
May 29, 2020
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July 31, 2020
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Why Do You Need a Mobile Notary?

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A mobile notary is a representative appointed by the state or local government in which they reside in order to witness the signing of a variety of legal documents. In effect, they are there to ensure that the people whose names appear on the document are, in fact, the people they purport themselves to be. Notaries are used across a broad range of industries, however, due to the quick nature of their services, many businesses do not opt to maintain full-time notaries. This leaves the market wide open for mobile notaries.

Mobile notaries do the exact same duties of their non-mobile counterparts with one key difference: they travel to the client, and not the other way around. Need a document signed in your office without having to bring your client to a new location? Mobile notary. Need your lease witnessed but purchasing a home in a remote location? Mobile notary. Regardless of the need, you are experiencing, a mobile notary can add convenience to your world by traveling to you to manage your notarial needs.

Documents that Require a Mobile Notary

Knowing what sort of documents you will need to have notarized can help you organize essential services before you need them. There is nothing worse than turning in a form on the deadline, only to realize that you cannot turn it in because it needed to be notarized. Use this handy list of documents that require the services of a mobile notary to save yourself time and stress later. 

Vehicle Title Application

vehicle title

An application for vehicle title is required for vehicles upon purchase and initial registration, as well as vehicles that are resold or gifted. In all such applications for title, a notary will need to witness the signing of both the party selling the vehicle and the party assuming ownership of the vehicle.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a written letter that gives a specific person the right to make legal decisions about another person’s property, finances, and other business affairs. Although typically, you will hire an attorney to draft such a vital document for you, you will also need a notary to witness the signing of the person granting power, and the person accepting power. 


A jurat is a document that affirms that the contents of another document are, in fact, true. In this unique case, a notary will witness you signing the document and administer an oath proclaiming your jurat to be true. 

Signature Witnessing

Although every state differs in this requirement, some states require signature witnessing for documents to maintain their legal status. This is true in Colorado and Pennsylvania, where notaries need to certify the identities of any signatories on a document in order for that document to be legally binding. mobile notary

Mortgage Closing Documents

You’ve finally bought your first house! What an exciting moment for you and your loved ones. In this case, you would hire a special notary, called a notary signing agent, to come to your lender’s office or a new home in order to witness the signing of your loan documents. This specialization exists to prevent fraud in the home-buying process. 

Custody Agreements

Custody agreements must be notarized for a variety of reasons. First of all, as one might imagine, the court finds it valuable to ensure that the people signing to care for children are in fact, the people who the children belong to. Additionally, for custody agreements to hold up in court, it is important that a witness can attest to both parties having signed the document, in order to save time in later disputes. 

Contact Coast2Coast for Your Mobile Notary Needs

Coast2Coast is a global signing service dedicated to providing the most convenient, efficient, and professional signing services. Our team is on staff all hours of the day to ensure that your needs can be met, remotely. 

We are proud to stand by our clients as they sign the documents that lead to some of life’s greatest milestones. If you are in need of a mobile notary for such an instance, reach out today!