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April 26, 2019
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How to Make Money as a Signing Agent ASAP
July 2, 2019
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Why Your Business Should Use a Mobile Notary


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If you are an owner of a business, you will know how important it is to make sure that documents are signed, sealed, as well as delivered per necessity. Sometimes getting the documents delivered or signed can be quite challenging.  Using a mobile notary can make these tasks less complicated.

What is a mobile notary?

A mobile notary is a person who travels from one place to another to meet clients in person. They can help keep your business efficient as well as save you money. Typically, a mobile notary goes to several places (approximately 8 places) each day to notarize signatures.  Many mobile notaries also work after hours and weekends.

Benefits of a Mobile Notary

Here are some of the significant benefits of a mobile notary:

Flexible availability: There are many mobile notaries who work flexible hours.  They make themselves available after hours and weekends.  This makes your business run efficiently and keeps your customers satisfied. They are highly beneficial in the time of emergency situations.

Efficient transactions: Commuting from one place to another can be time consuming, especially if there is lot of traffic. Instead of waiting in traffic or spending time travelling from your office to the location, you can use a mobile notary. They will travel to the given location and get your documents signed for a fast and efficient transaction.

Reasonable cost: The cost of hiring a mobile notary depends on state laws. Different jurisdictions have a maximum fee that these notaries can charge for the service. Mobile notaries generally charge per document and a travel fee or mileage.  A mobile notary is a cost-effective service considering the time savings and flexibility.

No location limitation: The choice of location can be anywhere if you hire a mobile notary for your business. Whether it is an office, coffee shop, restaurant, or even a hotel, the travelling notary will be there.  This is especially beneficial for elderly or ill clients who struggle with transportation.  A mobile notary can visit a hospital or assisted living center to make the notarization move convenient.

Stay Focused on Growing Your Business

It takes both time and effort to grow a business. If you have started a business on your own, then you know what this means. You have a lot of work that needs to be done and only so many hours in the day. Sometimes you work long days and irregular hours to get the job done. Mobile notaries understand you need to stay focused on your business.  Hiring a mobile notary is smart business.  It allows you to keep your business transactions moving quickly and efficiently.


There are many reliable and experienced mobile notary agencies available. You can choose one of the best according to their experience, qualifications and skills. Choosing the right mobile notary professionals is an excellent way to make your company successful.  Spend some time doing research about the best agencies that are available in your area and hire the best one. Some of the factors that you want to consider are – reliability, experience, flexibility, credibility, price and professionalism. All these factors are very important. Also, you need to check the reviews and feedback of the mobile notary before hiring.

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