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Hottest Business Trends of 2018

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Every year new business trends pop up out of nowhere replacing those of previous years. Working closely with subject matter experts, holding conversations with colleagues, and observing the evolution and changes in businesses of all types help with the development of new and more appropriate trends that assist in the advancement of businesses across the country. Keeping up with the latest trends is absolutely necessary for those who want to remain at the top of their game. Below are the biggest business trends of 2018 that could help drive business success through the roof.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Influence Customer Experience

As much as AI seems like it is dehumanizing interactions, it is not primitive as far as marketing automation is concerned. Instead of avoiding human interaction, AI enriches it through constantly performing normal, redundant tasks and learning to improve operations. A good example of AI is Google Maps, which utilizes real-time data from smart personal devices, such as smartphones, to help analyze GPS data. This is expected to become more personalized and automated.

  1. The Embracing of Live Social Media Interactions by Communities

We understand that social media interactions are not a replacement for live, in-person interactions. In 2018, organizations will begin to incorporate more live video interactions into their online forums to better support online communities. Facebook Live is a living example of how technology has revamped face-to-face interaction, which was thought to be dying since the advent of social media, smartphones, and content sharing.

  1. Millennials Should Get Ready to Welcome Generation Z

Goldman Sachs analysts term Gen-Z (referring to those who were born after 1998) as America’s youngest generation and these individuals are becoming more influential and will soon outnumber their predecessors, the Millennials. Millennials will soon be coaching Gen-Z employees to become future managers. Gen-Z individuals were born with smart devices at hand and are quick to adopt new technology. Whether we like it or not, advancements in technology are quickly replacing the old-fashioned ways of doing business. It’s time to embrace these advancements.

  1. Wages on the Rise, More to Follow

Wages could rise 3 percent across all sectors, including drone technology, the engineering field, and virtual reality. Healthcare jobs remain in high demand, and costs of health care are expected to increase by at least 6 percent.

  1. Social Learning to Perform Better than Remote Learning

Social learning, which is done via peer social interaction, has proven to be an effective way of keeping employees connected when not within the office. For instance, employees meet in the local coffee shop, share ideas and leave the meeting more knowledgeable about the topics covered. Companies are expected to adopt social learning and tools to enhance the process.

  1. Live Stream Video

Companies that adopt such content are expected to engage their audience better and dominate their respective industries. Live stream video allows for personalized content, as customers continue to develop a strong dislike for impersonal, generic content and marketing. Customers need to feel the connection that comes with the real people behind the company.

  1. Provide Service Beyond Buyers to Include the Community

Today’s customers are sophisticated and do their due diligence through online reviews before making a purchase decision. Therefore, for companies to succeed they will have to focus on serving not only the buyers but also the community as a whole.

  1. Solution-Oriented Marketing

Successful companies will be judged on their ability to provide solutions to real-world problems, not just benefits. Individuals and companies want to purchase products and services that solve their problems. This will cause businesses to shift their marketing strategies.

  1. The Next Big Thing is Subject Matter Experts

Customers will become more reliant on SMEs to help guide their purchase decisions. They will also get their education and advice from SMEs before buying a company’s products.

  1. Big Players to Embrace Bitcoin

Many large corporations who were left out of the 2000’s social media train will not make the same mistake again. Some have started accepting Bitcoin for various transactions and would like to be the ones on the cutting edge rather than always playing catch up. 

While the list may not be exhaustive it doe represents some of the business trends of 2018 that are likely to be witnessed across various business sectors. Being aware of these trends and responding appropriately can make the difference between success and failure.

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