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Improve Your Productivity in 2018 By Doing This!


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The environment where you work will affect your level of productivity on a daily basis. In 2018, you need to make certain improvements to your workplace even if you spend most of your time hunched in front of your computer screen. A properly organized office gives you the feeling that you are in control and this naturally boosts productivity. Here are some tips for reorganizing your workplace for higher efficiency in 2018.

Rid Your Office of Clutter

Begin by purging your office of all items that you have not used for the past year. You can create a special box for them and move them out of your office. Maybe have a yard sale or offer them to your co-workers. After this purge, which may take anywhere from two to eight hours, your office will be rid of clutter and you will have a workspace that enhances creativity and productivity.

Make a Space to Catch Incoming Junk

Your office should have a place to collect incoming items or junk. Three categories of items will come into your office every day: important documents, things you should keep, like a jacket, umbrella etc, and trash. Your catch-it-all space should be close to the entrance of your office or cubicle and it should have a tray or credenza for your documents, a box, shelf or hook for items you need to keep, and a waste bin.

Let Your Desktop Be Free of Clutter

The most critical space in your office is your desktop. Experience has shown that productivity increases when you can work on a clutter-free desktop, although some creative people prefer a slightly less organized environment. A clean and organized space enhances productive workflow.

Put Documents in Two Trays

To handle incoming paper, use the proven two-tray system. Let one tray be used to hold new or incoming documents while the second tray will keep documents that you have checked but need further action. When people come into your office with a document, you can direct them to place it in the tray for new documents. When you use this simple system, you will be able to free up your desk and work on one main task at a time.

Make Two Zones

Create two work zone in your office. One should be for your computer work. This serves as your traditional work area where you spend most of your day. The second zone is the area where you work on printed documents, sign papers, or stamp envelopes. This zone should also be free of clutter and should only contain gadgets like your iPad or printer that you need to get your work done.

Put Physical Objects in Trays or Drawers

You need a place that is out of sight to place things that you need to keep. You can use a desk drawer for items like a tape dispenser, stapler, paper clip holder and different supplies you need for a few minutes throughout the day. Also, you can improve productivity by keeping your iPhone, chargers, accessories, camera, and sunglasses out of sight while you work.

Ensure that you blend your office organization method with your unique productivity system so that you can get optimal results. The tips shared here can help you to boost your productivity in 2018 and beyond.

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