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Lost or Stolen Notary Supplies Are No Laughing Matter

lost or stolen notary supplies

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Notary supplies, especially the notary stamp, are crucial notarial supplies that require protection from theft or misplacement at all cost. All notaries have an obligation to take good care of these supplies by ensuring they remain in their custody at all times. According to an experienced notary, handling a case of stolen notary supplies is not a laughing matter and can easily bring your reputation down. He continues to argue that the best way is to make sure that they are under tight security, which only you or any other authorized person can access.

As much as people take all these precautions, there comes a time when notary supplies get lost or stolen by a malicious person. So, what do you do when you realize that your notary stamp is suddenly not in the place you left it last? Here is what to do.

Reporting to the Commissioning Authority

When dealing with a case of stolen notary supplies like the notary seal or the stamp, your first recommended move is to report the theft immediately. Every state has a body that deals with notaries public and it is their mandate to handle such a case. This reporting procedure requires the notary to write a letter, explaining all their details, obligations, area of operation and then sign the letter. Writing this letter immediately is crucial so that the necessary steps can be taken by a commissioning body. Of importance, indicate the date when you last had the notary supply that is stolen or lost.

Reporting to the Local Police

If you any reason at all to believe that the notary supplies have been stolen, you must report the case to the police department that has jurisdiction in your area. This could include a case where the cabinet or the drawer you store the supplies has been forced open or the whole office has been broken into. In fact, some commissioning authorities will demand a copy of police report before they can accept your signed letter or reporting.

Getting a Replacement Stamp or Seal

Upon successful reporting of your stolen notary supplies, the commissioning authority may decide one of two things depending on the police report and your explanation. The first decision they can make is to issue the notary a different commission number. In this case, you will need a new stamp that resembles the old one but now will have the newly assigned commission number. This is the best way to resolve this issue as the old number becomes invalid and not recognized in case the person who stole it uses it after the invalidation.

The second decision could be to retain the old commission number. Here, it is for the good of the notary to have the new stamp and seal made with some variations. Just like the supplies with new commission number, one can also argue their case if the old stamp is used after a new one has been made.

No notary public wishes to go through the process of dealing with stolen notary supplies. Nevertheless, the above process will come in handy when this unfortunate thing happens. The most important thing is to handle the case with the seriousness it deserves. After all, it is not a laughing matter.

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