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Notary or Signing Agent? What’s the Difference?

Notary Agents Signing Documents

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Most people use the terms notary public and signing agent interchangeably without knowing that they have different meanings. There are situations or transactions that should be undertaken by a notary public and not the signing agent. Therefore, it is wise to understand the roles of these professionals before moving up and down the streets looking for one when the need arises. Today we have brought you a general overview of the two.

The main role of notary public is the verification of the identity of an individual signing a certain document needed by the law to be done as stipulated. The notaries public do not review the content of the paper or examine the legality. In simple terms, the application of a notary seal only helps when it comes to verification purposes. A signing agent is more involved in the process of executing documents that are related to real estate. Individuals in this professional normally study the entire loan package together with the borrowers looking for a mortgage. It is their duty to make sure that the required signatures are at the recommended place and notarized according to the laws of the state. A notary public who has been presented with a state issued commission can decide to become a signing agent. To do this, the expert only requires additional certification, and she or he will be good to get started in their new profession.

What role does a notary signing agent play in mortgage transactions?

Unlike a notary public, a signing agent helps in providing borrowers with an explanation of the different documents that they need to sign. This is yet another additional responsibility performed by these experts besides offering verification of the identity of the individuals performing the paperwork. This means that there is more training and education required for anyone to end up working as a signing agent in the near future. A good signing agent understands the entire process of mortgaging to the latter. In order to get the signing agent commission at the end of the day, you should have trained in the home loan process. This depends on the state where you are going to undertake the execution.

Tips on how to select the right professional

If you are thinking about using a signing agent to help in your mortgage plans, it is recommended that you look for the right person. Some of the important factors to look for in an agent include

  • Location- the location of the agent is critical. It is advisable to find someone located near your home for convenience
  • Fees- you have to pay a certain fee when working with an agent. Ensure to ask the agent about the charges before accepting to work with him or her.
  • Credentials- ensure that you examine the notary commission of the agent. It must be in line with the one recommended by your state. You should know that the commission varies from one state to another.

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