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These Outlandish Businesses Are Raking in the Dough


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Some businesses create their profit thanks to impeccable service, a superior product or a rock-solid relationship they create with their clients. On the other hand, there are those businesses that bring in the cash through ideas that would make almost anyone shake their head in disbelief. This collection showcases those ideas, ranging from dealing with lice to using roadkill animals. All of them have one thing in common – they are actually businesses that are generating a profit. For some, they might look insane, but their success is undeniable, thanks to their ability to reach some niche market. Here are the businesses in question and their stories of success might be able to inspire you as well.

Steel Trees

NatureMaker is a business making steel art trees for customers, including casinos, museums, libraries, theme park, and casinos, just to name a few. These trees are truly a work of art and their presence can improve any space. This is also the reason why their products range from $25,000 for small trees and go for over $500,000 for a 50-foot olive tree.

Broken Dolls Hospital

Hospitals for dolls sound a bit weird, but they have been around for more than three centuries, with the first one created in Portugal in 1830. Their task is to repair any dolls that might have a tear, malfunction or some other problem. Thanks to the skilled craftsman in these “hospitals” any problem can be resolved, for a substantial price.

Removing Head Lice

Head lice is not a joke and the businesses offering their removal are serious as well. In fact, they can be found across North America, covering both the US and Canada with a surprising frequency.

Renting or Selling Mannequins

A lot of businesses use some form of mannequins, which is why there are many other companies that rent or sell them for a nice profit. Often, these companies buy used mannequins, repair or refurbish them and continue to use them. This makes the same niche business very effective for its owners.

Synthetic Wishbones

Break Wishbones is a company making plastic wishbones, ideal for vegetarians, those on the far end of a table and many others who cannot or will not use regular bones. The idea for this business came to its founder Ken Ahroni during a Thanksgiving dinner. This only proves that great ideas are constantly all around us.

The Something Store

The Something Store offers a simple concept – the customers send them $10 and they get something in return. This can be anything from a set of kitchen knives to the latest video game. The part of the appeal is the mystery and right now, the business is going strong.

Eternal Reefs Inc.

After a person dies, their remains have to be dealt with in some fashion. Thanks to Eternal Reefs Inc. individuals now have the option of becoming a cremated reef ball, which is then taken to an old or new reef system. There, it can support its growth, ending up being a part of it for good.

Renting Cows

The dairy business is very old, but renting cows is something new. A company in Switzerland is doing this on a regular basis for tourists who can then enjoy its milk or cheese or simply watch their cow on webcam.

Cat Cafés

Cats are very comfortable around humans, even complete strangers, which is why Cat Cafés became a thing in Japan and Taiwan. There, people can drop in for a drink and spend some time petting cats. These businesses started popping up across the world and are hugely successful.

Goat Landscaping

Goats are herbivores, but this natural fact was used to kick off a business. Landscaping companies use goats to tidy up an open space where they eat grass, shrubs, bushes and many other unwanted plants while being completely organic means of dealing with them. Of course, they also provide a profit to their owners.

Testicular Implants for Pets

Those who have to neuter their pets have a chance of replacing their organs with implants. This procedure is designed to make the whole experience less traumatic for the pet, but also for their owners. Somehow this became a great business venture. Who knew?

BrewDog Beer and Roadkill

BrewDog brewery uses roadkill animals that are preserved using taxidermy to become holders for their beer bottles. A little macabre for sure, but this business idea became very successful. Today, many unlucky squirrels, rabbits and other animals that ended up being killed become great bottle holders.

With these ideas, it is clear that anyone can make a successful business as long as they cater to the right niche, no matter how fringe or small it might be.

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