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The Basics of Affidavits of Support

affidavits of support

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What is an affidavit of support? When and why do you need one? Who can help you to prepare this document? If you are interested in knowing more about this document, keep reading through the following article. In it, we will focus on what exactly this document is and why you may need one. You will come to learn all you need to know about the surrounding procedures as well.

What is an affidavit of support?

Affidavits of support are immigration documents. You need to notarize affidavits with a jurat. This is a Notary act that demands a sworn oath. Without taking this oath, you will not be able to get this document. The purpose of this document is different and unique. The document is prepared by a family member to promise the government that he or she will take the financial responsibility of an individual whom they are bringing to the United States. It will be their responsibility to take care of the finance of that person.

Who can offer you the required help to prepare this document?

If you are looking for official information for this document, you can visit Department of Immigration or an Immigration Attorney. These are the authorized bodies that can help you by answering all your questions. You should not ask any question to a notary. They are not authorized to answer legal questions unless they have official authorization. Therefore, if you have any doubt about the process, you should directly visit the Department of Immigration.

What will be the process?

Before initiating the process, you need to ensure that you have all the required documents. Moreover, you should know about the required documents from the Department of Immigration. Once you have all the documents in your hand, you should call a Notary. They will ask you to swear under oath and then you need to sign in front of the Notary. The Notary will prepare a Jurat certificate and then will stamp document in one place. Before, two stamps were required. But the problem is that the form does not have enough space for the Notary seal. Therefore, try to make it short. You can also try to attach a separate form if required.

What are the other Notarized immigration documents?

There are a few other immigration documents that require notarization. The Affidavit of Citizenship is one of them. The process will be more or less same. The affiants will need some documents and will prepare the draft of his/her statement and then the Notary will come to notarize that statement. It will include a sworn oath and will demand a signature in the presence of the Notary. Then you are done.

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