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Are Expired IDs Acceptable When Notarizing Documents?


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Trust The Global Notary That Has Your Best Interests At Heart

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The question of whether one can or cannot submit expired IDs while notarizing documents seems to be a universal query that perplexes most signers in America. Few are aware of the fact that State laws come into play and depending on which part of the country you live in, the answer to this question could be a yes or no or in some cases even a maybe.

Notaries are required to abide by the rules or laws of their own state when it comes to acceptable signer Identity documents. Specifically in California, the Civil Code Section 1185(b)(3) clearly says that Notaries are allowed to accept a current driver’s license or one that has been issued in the last five years, as a valid ID. In case the license has been issued more than five years ago then the signer in question has to provide additional identification in order for the notarization to happen.

There is a huge list of documents that are accepted as identification by Notaries in California in case the signer has a driving license that does not meet the above criterion. Some of the documents that can be provided and will be universally accepted in this case are:

  • Driver’s license or ID card that is issued by another American state
  • Passport card or a United States passport
  • Driver’s license from Canada or Mexico
  • An employment identity card that has been issued by a Californian state county, agency or municipality
  • An identity card of United States military
  • An inmate identity card that has been issued by the California State Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is also an acceptable ID, in case the person in question is still in prison or custody.
  • A current foreign passport that has a stamp by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The passport must be issued in the last five years and have a description, photograph of the person, a signature and a serial identifying number to be accepted as valid ID by the Notary.

In case the signer does not have any of the above-listed IDs then the Notary can accept the affirmation or oath of witnesses (either one or two) who vouch for the identity of the signer. In such a case the witnesses are to submit proof of identification and meet all the requirements that are mentioned in the California state Notary law, for themselves.

Expired IDs or documents are not acceptable proof of identity by signers in all states in America. In Pennsylvania, the law states that only a government issues, current ID card that has a photograph, identification number or serial number and physical description or signature will be accepted by the State Notary as an ID.

So depending on which part of the country you live in or which state you are getting the documents notarized in the laws may differ. If in case you have expired IDs and wish to use them as identification, make sure you are well aware of the state laws so that the process is hassle free and not a waste of precious time.

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